How I read Tarot

I see Tarot as a way to empower YOU! It's about bringing through messages that need to be heard, guidance that you need to know.

I use a mix of tarot and oracle cards to get beautiful imagery and clarity from the universe for you alongside using your astrological birth chart information to gain clear insight on the energy at play around you from two universe tools (astrology and psychic energy)

I read in line with the Solstice and Equinox seasons so you can book readings for March/June/Sept/Dec (Year ahead readings)

I do this firstly so I can utilise and tap into the energy that these magical times bring, but secondly so I can give you insight into what you need to be doing through this 3 month season.

Readings are recorded - During which I will cover the energy and blocks around you at this time and what spirit want you to know in relation to the equinox/solstice season so you can action plans moving forward to gain clarity for your next 3 months.  You will also have the option to ask for information and guidance on  up to 3 topics or 3 direct questions.

Usually 45-60 minutes long (£65)

Year Ahead - Gain insight into the next 12 months of your life (Performed in December only) (£95)


Recordings sent out between 19th - 25th September 

Please note there is LIMITED tarot spaces available, book now to avoid disappointment.   Once spaces are gone I am booking into December 2022 - Year Ahead Readings.

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Client Testimonial:

Julie's readings are excellent and I always take so much away from them. I love her self aware approach to spirituality.


It's much more approachable and less earnest than some spiritual practitioners can be. Great for the spiritually curious who are dubious of jade eggs, ecstatic dance and head to toe hemp. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things, but Julie's approach is more down to earth.


She's straight talking, deeply connected and attuned, yet somehow manages to keep it light and fun, whilst absolutely hitting the nail on the head every time.

Rebecca Caution, Transformational Coach & Breathworker

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What is Tarot?

Tarot is a set of cards with images and numbers, not too different from a deck of playing cards.  Tarot can be traced back to the 15th century and is used as a tool to connect to the universe.

A Tarot reading is using the cards to answer questions and gain insight on the past, present and future of the client.

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How Tarot can benefit you?

Tarot gives you the connection to something bigger, to the messages you haven't been able to hear from the universe.

It can give you clarity and a positive outlook on your future.

Offering confidence in your choices, your decisions and your future.

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Faye Kilgour-Neves, The 'What If' Coach. Coach & Human Design Reader.

Julie is a wonderful reader and I have been blown away every time I've returned back for another dose of her magic. The readings are always super insightful, and she delivers the wisdom with such lightness and respect. I adore her approach, her manner and her humour. Julie is excellent as what she does and I'd recommend her to anyone curious to dig into what tarot has to offer.

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Jacqueline G

I completely trust Julie to deliver detailed readings with thoughtfulness and insight whenever I have an enquiry that I need clarity on. Her Year Ahead readings are incredibly thorough and offer constructive guidance about the year ahead, overall themes and what to look out for. She's excellent, and no bullshit, which I love.

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Jayne Turner

Julie has a true gift and is my go too for anything spiritual! I LOVE working with Julie and have learnt so much from this lovely lady. Julie is so easy to work with and has a beautiful energy. I look forward to learning more in the future.

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Sarah Bray

I was so happy with the amount of detail and care that was taken during the reading. Julie clearly has a strong connection with spirit and it was so exciting to hear. I felt a lot of synchronicities and connection with what she was saying. The way the reading is done makes it so easy to come to each month so you can review and reflect. Can't wait to do a follow up reading!.

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It was such a lovely reading you have a very beautiful calming voice. Thank you so much for taking the time to do it


Things that deeply resonate are hearing that I should trust myself, take action, hearing that gives me confidence to take action.


The whole experience was great from start to finish.

Real Reviews from Real People:


Here is an example reading that has been edited to protect the privacy of the client from a year ahead reading

Using multiple decks gives the universe a chance to speak in different imagery and messages through me

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