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What the Sagittarius New Moon means in your Business

November 23, 20223 min read

What the Sagittarius New Moon means for your Business and Clients

Sagittarius New Moon Women Business Owners

We have entered Sagittarius season today, one of my favourite seasons of the year.  Tomorrow herald's a New Moon in Sagittarius, so you may have been feeling the Sagi vibes without knowing it already!

Each New Moon starts to take shape energetically up to 6 days before, but really pulling at our energy from 3 days out.

You may be familiar with New Moon's being a time of beginning again, but within business they can really focus our goals and visions for the future.

I want to try and keep these emails short and sweet giving you the insight you need to know for your business energetically and how it's going to be affecting your clients and customers too!

Sagittarius is known for its higher learning, not just university level stuff but for learning things outside the box....pushing those boundaries.  It's very often linked to the spiritual or mystical so I'm not surprised you're here ;)

This season is a great time to enroll in higher learning, and if you offer courses or programmes to your clients there will be an influx of eager students affected by this energy right now.

You can take advantage of this energy by sharing how you've learnt and grown, how you now see things from different perspectives and what you still do to grow.  Your audience will feel drawn to your teachable moments around this new moon so don't be shy to get your products out there! Tell people what you teach through your own story of success.

Every year in Sagittarius season I find myself trawling through Airbnb to look for vacation homes in the sun. This isn't just because the weather turns here in the UK but it's actually to do with the freedom and travel loving energy that comes with Sagittarius.

What this might look like for you in your business - The desire to have more flexibility in your business, feeling the need to break routine and any monotony. 
If your business has scope for this, lean into it! If you thrive on routine usually and this scares you a little (Earth signs i'm talking to you!) it's OK to explore what more time off looks like in your business. Perhaps planning for next year, what dates can you put in the diary as non-negotiable time off or maybe you want to start working less hours and take off Friday afternoons.  It's all possible and this season gives you the energy to explore these options.  Don't worry next month we enter Capricorn so the grounded stability will be back if flexible working is a little out of your comfort zone 😅

What this might look like in your clients - They may suddenly feel the need to free up some time too, and not want to be tied to contracts (keep this in mind when signing any new ones throughout this season) remember to highlight any flexibility within your offers if you sense they're in Sagi mode.

New Moon Exploration - 

Sagittarius is about free flowing thoughts but is still a fire energy.  I'd recommend lighting a candle and allowing your thoughts to roam this new moon. Journal on how you'd like to add new levels to your business, new perspectives, maybe even new ideal client. Explore what that would look like, feel like and if there is any flexibility that would add to your life.

Make a clear plan of how you want your offers to be viewed by the world, what that looks like in terms of your time and energy commitments. Do changes need to be made? If so, use this new moon to add some goals and affirmations that take you a step closer to the business you're dreaming of with this new moon.

Want to be updated with information on each new and full moon in relation to your business you can sign up to be part of the Moon Boss community HERE

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