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'​'If You Build It, They Will Come'​'​ 🍿🎬

March 08, 20236 min read

This article follows on from yesterday, did you catch it?

I'm talking about energy imprints that are like breadcrumbs through our lives that lead us to where we are in our lives today. These breadcrumbs, or fingerprints in time, are left by the universe...by something bigger that we can tap into to align with our purpose.

Mary Poppins was one of those fingerprints for me, my obsession with watching the film over and over was my earliest memory of being enamoured by magic.

But Mary isn't the only Hollywood film that would leave a mark...

''If you build it, they will come'' is a phrase that rattles through my head since I was a child (albeit incorrectly as it's actually 'he' will come I discovered on rewatching the movie). I don't recall how old I was when I saw Field of Dreams, but the power of listening to the unknown voice/vision/knowing/feeling stuck with me until this day.

If you're not familiar Kevin hears voices to build a baseball field, and they came! (Don't hate me it can't be a spoiler if the film is from 1989!)

Outside of the very tight jean and cool guy hair that screams 80's, the film has some important messages for those in business. Those who want to believe in, and take action on, a bigger purpose unfolding in front of them. Nothing happens by accident right? Here are 3 things I think are so important as intuitively led business owners.

1. ''Do you think I'm crazy''

He asks his wife when considering chopping down crop, their only valuable income, to build a baseball field as he heard a voice, saw a vision and got a knowing.

''Yes, but I also think if you really feel like you should do this you should do it''

Having support for your vision, even when it isn't logical, is so important as a business owner. 

During my intuitive business development work I've discovered that not everyone has that support, or at least doesn't have it fully as others don't always understand the energy pull that heart led business owners receive to make a change that helps people, especially if it means sacrifice to begin with.

I'm lucky enough to be able to use my signature method to help people make sense of their vision/knowing/hearing/feeling energy and bring it to life in their offers, by confirming validating their connection as a psychic intuitive and having the foresight alongside them.

2. '‘Something’s gonna happen out there I can feel it’’

Frustrated that after building the baseball field, nothing was happening and the bank was at his tail for missed payments. He stayed the course, and continued to stand behind his feeling even when nothing happened immediately.

When it did happen and the baseball player showed up, he came back the next day with 8 people and later on with a lot more. Exactly what we want with our offers right?

We may know or feel something but not know what the next steps are. But he followed the signs, kept connected to energy in different ways and was presented time and time again with answers and actions he needed to take.

This is the aligned action they talk about when you're working on manifesting. You set up the vision, write your intention and speak some affirmations. Then they tell you go ahead and take aligned action. But what they don't tell you is that often aligned action isn't 'logical' when it comes to business. In the film his aligned action stopped him selling the house before foreclosure, took him across the country to find people and along those steps amazing synchronicities sign posted the way for him.

Working with intuition and energy means trusting these synchronicities, that 'something's gonna happen' and acting on them when they come. It's all good and well saying 'wow that synchronicity was crazy', but what good is it if you just continue as normal?

As I say to clients all the time you have to look for the magic and trust when it comes. This means action. You may feel daunted or uneasy about trying this signs you're getting and that's why having support from someone who understands intuitive energy is so important.

3 - ’'unbelievable’'. ‘’it’s more than that, it’s perfect’’

When others started seeing the miracles happening and making sense, they said it was unbelievable. But it was perfect.

Divine timing, and experience, is the magic of things happening for a reason and at exactly the right time. This is so important as part of your journey in business. You need to be patient and know that the perfect timing comes when you're following your intuition.

The running theme of this movie, is trusting your intuition and things you never imagined could happen. That when you believed in what others couldn't see and followed the aligned steps, then other people saw the magic too!

As an intuitive business mentor it is no surprise that this movie was such an important energy imprint in my life. I've had the knowing in me since childhood that if you build it they will come.

But what I have learnt with over 18 years working with energy is that it's not as simple as want it, make it, sold out and now I'm a millionaire. If only! 

There are subtle effects of energy that aren't always as visible as a loud booming voice in a corn field one Tuesday afternoon. That's why I work with women to start exploring their version of ''if you build it they will come'', and it's a vital first step when creating your offers. Whether that's a 1:1 programme or a course build out, you will need to follow the aligned action pathway to not only build it...but to have them come to you like they did at the end of the movie.


Are you looking for help to build alignment in the back end of your business? To build a course or offer suite that feels so aligned with your purpose that has been calling to pour out of you?

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Until next time...

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