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Harnessing the Power of the Leo New Moon in Your Business

August 14, 20233 min read

Harnessing the Power of the Leo New Moon in Your Business

Welcome to Intuitively Led podcast, where we explore how energy influences our lives and businesses. In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative energy of the Leo New Moon and how you can utilize it to fuel your business growth. Join us on this enlightening journey as we discover the power of intuitive leadership and harness universal energy to create a thriving business.

Key Points for Leo New Moon:

1. Understanding the Energies at Play:

The speaker highlights the importance of being aware of the energies influencing our focus and decision-making. Being pulled in different directions can create confusion and disconnection. By working with Moon energy, specifically the Leo New Moon, we can gain clarity and align ourselves with the current energy of the season.

2. Embracing Creativity in Business:

In this episode, we explore the significance of self-expression and embracing creativity within the business realm. From new ideas and systems to email chains, graphics, and branding, every aspect of your business can benefit from an injection of creative energy. The speaker shares personal success in having their branding done during Leo season, emphasizing the need to stand out and convey a unique message.

3. Building Your Brand:

For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, your personal brand is a critical component of your business. This episode touches on the importance of building and presenting your brand to the world. By leveraging the confident and bold energy of the Leo New Moon, you can make a lasting impact and attract the right audience.

4. Using Moon Energy in Business:

The speaker sheds light on the practical ways to harness the power of moon energy to energize and enhance your business. They offer valuable insights into how different moon phases can impact our energy levels, drawing parallels between their observations of dogs' energy shifts and changes witnessed during full and new moons.

5. Tracking Moon Cycles for Business Success:

Intuitively Lost entrepreneurs, characterized by inconsistent energy levels, constantly changing ideas without taking action, and feeling disconnected from their business, can gain valuable insights from tracking moon cycles. The speaker encourages simplicity and shares a free download from Moonboss, allowing you to monitor and note moon activities while aligning them with your business intentions.

6. The Importance of Reflecting and Growing:

Reflecting on past energy timelines, journaling, and exploring intuitive insights are valuable tools for self-reflection. By looking back at your experiences, you can identify themes such as intuition, nurturing, focus, and family, and use them as a foundation for future goals and routines. Energizing your business with confidence and leveraging both fire energy and business structure is key to avoiding setbacks and achieving success.


In this episode of Intuitively Led, we have delved into the transformative power of the Leo New Moon and its impact on business success. By understanding and embracing the energies at play, tapping into creativity, and aligning with the confident energy of the Leo New Moon, entrepreneurs can harness universal energy to drive their businesses forward. Remember to track moon cycles, reflect on past experiences, and trust in your intuition. So, why wait? Start energizing your business today with the wisdom of the Leo New Moon!

Don't forget to tune in to Intuitively Led for additional episodes exploring the fascinating world of intuition and energy in our lives and businesses.

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