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5 Signs Your Intuition is Talking to You in your Business

May 03, 20236 min read

Intuition is a powerful tool for decision-making and personal growth. But how do you know when your intuition is talking to you?
In this episode, I'll share five signs that your intuition is talking to you in business:

  • You get an idea out of nowhere (or "out of the blue")

  • The same thought keeps popping up over and over again

  • A situation feels like déjà vu--you've been here before, but it's new this time around

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Defining Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool. It's been called the "sixth sense," and it's often associated with gut feelings or instinctive knowledge. While intuition may feel like it comes from somewhere beyond your own mind, it actually arises from the same place as rational analysis and emotional decision-making: your brain. The difference between intuition and these other forms of decision-making is that intuition involves accessing information outside of conscious awareness--and that can be scary!
Intuition isn't always easy to explain, but here are some common misconceptions about this powerful tool:

  • Intuition is not magic--it doesn't work like magic at all! Intuition simply refers to the process by which we make decisions based on information we don't consciously know exists (yet). For example, if I ask someone what color shirt they're wearing right now without looking at them directly (or even if I do), there's no way they could tell me without using their eyesight or asking someone else who might have seen them earlier in the day; however if instead I asked them what kind of food they had for lunch today without giving any details about myself or my previous meals then there would be no way anyone could give me an accurate answer because both parties involved would need access to each others' memories before making such claims...but wait! This means there must be some other way for us humans who aren't telepathic yet still want answers about ourselves :)

Sign #1: Gut Feeling

The first sign of intuition is the gut feeling, or what many refer to as "the voice inside your head." It might be a physical sensation in your body, like butterflies or a knot in your stomach. You may feel it in other ways too: goosebumps on the back of your neck; an intense heat rushing through you; a cold chill running down your spine.
Gut feelings can show up at any time--while driving down the road and noticing an accident ahead; while working on a project and suddenly knowing exactly what needs to happen next; when someone says something that triggers an emotional reaction within you (even if they didn't mean anything by it).
You might think this type of thing only happens in movies or books with supernatural elements involved, but here's the thing: everyone has intuition! And sometimes our intuitions come through as feelings rather than words because those feelings are easier for us to identify than actual thoughts would be

Sign #2: Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the second sign of intuition. Synchronicity can be defined as meaningful coincidences or "a meaningful coincidence between two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated." It's when you have a feeling about something and then later on, something happens that confirms this feeling.
When synchronicity presents itself in your everyday life, it's important to pay attention and trust it because it means that your intuition is trying to tell you something about what's going on in your life at that moment.

Sign #3: Inner Voice

The third sign of intuition is the inner voice. This is the most common way that intuition communicates with us, and it's easy to recognize. The inner voice can be heard in a variety of ways: as thoughts in your head, feelings in your heart or stomach (often described as butterflies), images that appear in front of your eyes, or even words spoken out loud by someone else--like a friend or colleague who knows what they're talking about!
It's important to pay attention to this wisdom because it can help guide decision-making when we're not sure what to do next. For example, if you're feeling overwhelmed at work but don't know how best to manage all the tasks on hand without sacrificing quality or speediness; then maybe taking some time off would be helpful for both sides (you and others).

Sign #4: Dreams and Visions

The fourth sign of intuition is dreams and visions. If you've ever had a dream that came true, or had a vision of something that later occurred in your life, then you know how powerful these messages can be. Dreams offer insight into the future and visions show us what's possible--both are valuable tools for navigating through life with confidence and clarity.
Dreams give us access to our subconscious minds which store all our memories and experiences over time, so they often contain information about past events as well as potential outcomes for future situations. Visions allow us to tap into our higher self--the part of ourselves that knows everything there is to know about ourselves (and others) at any given moment in time; this includes our purpose here on earth, what we're supposed to do next in order for our lives' purposes/goals/dreams come true etc., who will play an important role in helping us achieve these goals/dreams etc., where those people might live geographically speaking so we can meet them someday soon...

Sign #5: Physical Sensations

The fifth sign of intuition is physical sensations. You may notice that your stomach drops, or you get a tingly feeling in the back of your neck when something doesn't feel right. These types of physical cues can be helpful because they provide information about a situation or person without requiring you to use logic or reason.
If you're paying attention, these sensations will also tell you when it's time to trust yourself and act on an idea based on how things feel inside (rather than what other people think). For example: if someone suggests an idea that makes sense but doesn't make them happy, they might want to listen first before deciding whether or not it's worth pursuing further!

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