Meet Your Intuition Workshop

This 2 hour immersive workshop will allow you to meet, understand and trust your intuition.

Join Julie to learn ways you can connect deeper and truly trust in your intuitive nudges


Soul Focus® Mentoring

Take your connection to another level with this group mentoring programme.

Learn how you communicate with the universe and what your spiritual gifts are
Exploring connection with your spirit guides
Truly trust that what you are picking up is your ability


1 to 1 Mentoring

Meed hands on guidance in your intuitive journey then a 1 to 1 session could be for you.

Whether you're looking for more connection for your personal life or wanting to take your gift to the next level in your business these sessions are tailored to you.

Kicking off with a remote reiki session allows me to connect to your energy before a 90 minute intuitively led session where we will craft a plan for you to deeply connect to intuition over the coming weeks.

With access to me via Voxer for 2 weeks before a 30 minute follow up call.


1 to 1 Mentoring Testimonials

20210330_161814 - Anna Campbell.jpg

Anna, Campbell, Reclaim Your Lane


As someone who had never had a Tarot before, I was intrigued and excited to see how it may support me in my business. I gained personally and professionally through working with Julie. Firstly the space to think and reflect in such a supportive and friendly place was incredible. Julie guided me through the process and reassured me as we worked through the insights that came up. I was positively challenged and the results made me face some of the blocks I had placed on myself in taking my business forward. The bespoke meditations were beautifully presented, and listening to them daily not only helped set me up with a positive mindset but even left me feeling able to make decisive moves in my business. I would recommend anyone to work with Julie. Not only is she gifted, but she is also a business owner, so the combination of spiritual and practical advice is invaluable.

7E9A9639 - Sarah Tombs.jpg

Sarah Tombs, Therapist, Psychological Coach and Female Empowerment Expert


I loved the session we had together and I do feel that it benefited both me and my business.

Through the session and your expert guidance I was able to consider areas which I had not been consciously aware of previously and have now integrated this guidance into my business and my offerings to the clients I support.

Julie has such an open, transparent and honest nature which is instantly warming


- Thank you Julie for doing this work!

3AF2ACB9-B9AD-46D7-915A-8DD3BE05F761 - Lauren Robins (1).jpeg

Lauren Robins - Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach


Julie brings a light hearted approach to spirituality which makes the information easy to digest and to connect with. Through our tarot and Reiki sessions I gain insight on blocks and how to tackle them which has allowed me to show up more confidently in the decisions I’m making for my business which has also poured out into my personal life x

F9B64678-F161-458E-8A06-24A0B4E91368 - Ami Thompson (1).heic

Ami Thompson, Wellbeing Coach


I loved my session with Julie she made me feel very comfortable, I was able to trust and open up to her from the beginning. Julie has a friendly and calming way that helped me relax, she explained clearly how the session would go.


I learnt so much about myself, some things like trusting my intuition and concentrating on what emotionally fulfils me was great to hear, and I have put that into action a lot since our session.

I had been told a few times before that I have money blocks and that came up here too, I have been working on this ever since and I'm starting to feel the benefit of a different money mindset and of welcoming more abundance.


I would highly recommend a session with Julie, it opened my eyes to my own possibilities