Full Moon Reiki & Tarot

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Reiki healing or Reiki and Tarot combined to get clear insights on what needs releasing with the Full Moon

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Full Moon Reiki Energy Clearing

  •  Receive guidance and support from the universe with full moon reiki and tarot readings

  • Cleanse, clear, and heal your energy body in line with the releasing energy of the full moon.

  • Gain insight into your present energy via a tarot reading.

  • Benefit from spiritual guidance and support to help you move forward in your life.

This session is designed to cut and clear blocks in your life using Reiki as an energy healing tool

Reiki can be accessed remotely as energy is not bound by time or space.


Working across the 3 days after the full moon is the perfect time to clear away anything that doesn't need to be there and revitalise your energy system.

Choose from reiki only (£22) or reiki and tarot guidance (£44).

You will receive a message with your reiki messages received after your reiki treatment has completed.

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This is for you if...

This is for you if:

  • You've been feeling stuck or frustrated

  • You want to help your body release anything that no longer serves you

  • You love working with the Moon

  • You're called to have healing

  • You want to treat yourself this Full Moon

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What Is Tarot & How I Read It

Tarot is a set of cards with images and numbers, not too different from a deck of playing cards.  Tarot can be traced back to the 15th century and is used as a tool to connect to the universe.

A Tarot reading is using the cards to answer questions and gain insight on the past, present and future of the client. In this case around your healing journey.

Tarot as a way to empower YOU! It's about bringing through messages that need to be heard, guidance that you need to know.

With a Reiki + Tarot session I will pull 3 cards that speak about your energy at this time with any messages that need to come through from Spirit. 

n.b. This is guided by spirit and isn't done on specific topics if you require a full reading you can purchase these via the tarot tab