Empath Empowerment Kit

Turn your ability to your super power for only £19


Have you been feeling...

  • Drained by people around you?

  • Called emotional or worse, over emotional?

  • Felt exhausted, sick or physical pain when around someone who is unwell?

  • That you only attract people that need healing?

  • That you attract people who take advantage of your kindness?

These are all typical traits of people who are Empaths & you can take your power back TODAY!  Having experienced these traits myself, feeling so stuck and unable to move forward at times I created The Empath Empowerment Kit to make a change!


Empath Empowerment Kit

Get power when it comes to your ability

Do you feel like you are an empath? Do you fall into the highly sensitive category and struggle to find a way to use it or see it in a positive light? This kit has been designed for you!

Created with a 6 pillar programme, called the PRAISE principles, that help you identify your emotions as well as use them to help other people by helping ourselves!

- Welcome letter

- 6 lesson style videos

- 8 guided meditations

- 22 page workbook 


- Crystal information

- Crystal care & use instructions

- 30 journal prompts for shadow work

- Exclusive discounts

- Habit tracker

Price - £19


Who am I?

I'm Julie and I created my businesses The Moon Lit Path ® and Soul Focus UK with the purpose of helping others harness the power of the universe and understand the language of energy which the universe uses daily to speak to us.  Being an Empath is communication from the universe that you are receiving.

With over 15 years experience working with the universe and spiritual tools. Now with a host of services including working as an energy mentor, astrology & moon cycles expert as well as a psychic tarot reader Julie brings a down to earth, matter of fact approach to energy and all things "woo".

If you want to step up and empower yourself to listen to your intuition, connect to spirit and heal then you are in the right spot!

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