Hi, I'm Julie Chandler - Intuitive Coach guiding people to become Intuitively Led is my 'thing'

I never fit in, boo-hoo right?

What I now realise is that many of us female entrepreneurs aren’t meant to fit in.

We were meant to stand out, be uncomfortable in our uniqueness, it's part of your energy imprint from the universe that brought you here to this moment offering a service that helps and changes lives.

Why I didn't fit in? Where do I start?

What's relevant for my business is that I never fit in the spiritual community.

I can't stand ''love and light'', I want to avoid the hemp hippy vibe types after 5 minutes, I think chiffon is itchy and sparkly table clothes with dangly bits aren't comfortable to be around let alone perform tarot on!

I don't have a yoga practice, I don't meditate in the lotus position or say om, and I swear...a lot more than my mum would like.

I'm psychic....with a whole lot of logic. I'm a walking oxymoron to be honest.

But what that does mean, is I'm great at what I do.

I can connect to energy in ways that most haven't figured out how. Yet I can make it relatable in a logical way.

I'm not going to alienate you with the 'woo-woo', yet I'm balls deep into it without a single nameste in sight!

My values for life -

Keep it Real, Keep it Light, Keep it Simple.

I'll swear occasionally on our calls, I'll push you to take action and I'll make you view energy and the universe in a way you hadn't thought of before.

Here is a peek at me, the real day to day me.

I'm a dog mum, obsessed with my dog. Live for her with long beach walks or forest rambles in Norfolk, UK. I love cake, too much and really enjoy simple pleasures like cosy duvet days with fresh bed linen, or laughing at random reels. If you're down with that I'm down with you.

I enjoy spending my summers in France since becoming fully self employed, in fact the above picture is me in Provence summer 2022 where the seeds for this offer started.

I do have a mission, I do have a purpose. It's nothing grand, it's nothing earth shattering or shiny, but it means the world to me.

I'm here to shed light on energy outside of the stereotype, to make it OK to use energy to your advantage and show you how to use it for success by becoming intuitively led in your life & business.

My CV if you will:

18 + year experience working with universal energy

Trusted Astrologer, Psychic Tarot Reader and Medium to 100's of women + national publications

10 + years experience as self employed - 7 as a side hustle and 3 full time entrepreneur

8 + years helping in back end business and development

Hands IN experience in 25 companies in 18 months through retainer and project management work

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