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Living in Flow: My Summer in Provence

June 24, 20236 min read

“When the universe says yes, are you jumping in?” - Julie Chandler


Being in flow is something that for some, including past me, find hard to conceptualize. What do you mean flow when life is dragging me by the ankle as I'm holding on for dear life? Well when you start to listen to energy, the universe and your intuition you soon realise you can take charge of that energy. When I let go, my flow became summers in France. I'm writing this by the pool in 35c heat and the level of abundance and gratitude is unreal right now.

The space I get for myself, my mind, my soul and spirit here in Provence is beyond words and here I've felt the pull and kick to up my connection yet again. I wanted to share this post with my followers, intuitively led community and others to explain where I am at energetically right now...

Provence, Julie Chandler

With that said, here are 5 updates/thoughts/snippets on flow, business and spiritual guidance! 👊

1. My Summer in Provence: Embracing the Moment

I wasn't sure if I should come. Money ''could/should'' go else where my monkey mind told me. But then intuition would remind me oh so subtly of the expansive intuitive business nudges I received last summer and the importance of space.

In a world where fear is being pushed at us from every angle, I had to lean in and trust more than ever that 3 (maybe even 4) months out in Provence was good for my soul and my business. Embrace that moment, do the things that bring you the expansive awakening (yes I'm aware that sounds so corny!), it doesn't have to be months in Provence for it to be impactful. It could be getting a baby sitter in so you can just go to the spa for the afternoon, or packing up the car and heading somewhere totally new to you.

When you're there...wherever your Provence is, I just ask that you sit in the energy of abundance and know you created that space. That energetic freedom, even if just for a few moments...you did that!

2. Living in Flow: What It Means to Me

Having the 'flow' or being intuitively led as I like to call it, is vital for me. Everything I believe, have experienced and know about energy (especially in business) is that the more you fight the energetic 'yes' the heavier your space feels. If the universe is gifting you an idea, and opportunity and you're fighting it because you're so comfortable behind your self imposed limitations...well...you're kicking a huge opportunity away.

Living in Flow means making a decision to live for the signs, trusting the energy, believing in your connection, knowing your purpose and running with arms wide down the big scary hill knowing you won't fall over because you're doing the damn thing!

3. Finding Balance: Work and Play

One of the major things I have learnt in 2023 so far (writing this as the end of June is pending) is that balance is a myth, but that you don't have to hustle to be a success. When you lean into what you really want you leave space for the play. Recently I had a conversation with a 1:1 client about the trap that many entrepreneurs face. You spend so long craving for your business to make the same money as your 'real job' so you can leave, then step into this hustle mentality of working all hours under the sun in your business. This leaves you trapped in a mindset of your past, a past where you were an employee and had a boss. Balance between work and play starts from day 1, it starts from today ladies. If you want to only work 15 hours a week you are going to have to build your business that way from day 1.

That balance comes from real questions, real answers and real action. It's all good and well saying you want to replace and income, but if that means you work twice as many hours and you're unhappy then you need to explore a new option.

When you have structure to your business that is based around what your REALLY want it to look like, you can start to build the business you really crave.

The universe knocked me on the floor at the start of the year giving me signs that I needed to cut my hours back, I wondered how and where the money would come but it did...without the hours increasing. It's about choice, action and trust to make it happen.

4. Up-leveling of spiritual connection

Speaking of spirit...let me tell you how the world has been evolving in my psychic world!

Apart from being stalked by Deer and Hawks at every single turn for the first 3 months of the year, and yet again since I've been here in Provence, my mediumship abilities have been expanding during readings unexpectedly.

Before my travel I was doing more in person tarot readings, with multiple people at events or parties which was so much fun. With that came an up-levelling of my energy, connection with past loved ones detailing jewellery designs, names, locations, job they did, sick relatives and even connecting with spirits in the home of a house I visited.

I'd always known I could connect but never explored it knowing that when spirit wanted me to speak to them I would. What I've realized is that I am meant to be a vessel and part of why I'm meant to be a vessel is not only bringing peace to clients but also to help you as business owners trust in the magic of energy/spirit/universe.

5. Return to Intuitive Insights, the roots of my essence as a business owner.

The more accurate I've become with readings, the more loved ones I've spoken to whom have passed the more I've come back to my roots. Spirit have been nudging me in the direction of owning my psychic abilities for years, but it finally feels like it clicks.

I'm not 'just' intuitive, I'm psychic....hun I speak to dead people...so as a business guide I want you to know that when I'm telling you manifestation is real, when I'm sharing the energy that goes into your business, and when I'm telling you that you can trust...I'm telling you from a position that is all in psychic.

This is why I wanted to return to some of my intuitive basics in my business.

Intuitive insights are BACK, every Sunday you can receive an email with intuitive guidance for the week ahead. I did this for a few years but had stopped towards the end of last year as I was guided to explore other areas, but now spirit have given me the boost I need we are back at it every Sunday!

Tuesday's will soon be Tarot Tuesday's on Instagram. Where you can send me a business questions in response to my instagram story on this topic, and I will pull some information/guidance for you for your questions.

Let's get consciously connected together as you explore how energy is helping you every day.

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