Hi, I'm Julie, and I'm here to help you navigate your journey with clarity, confidence, and direction.

As a psychic intuitive tarot reader and coach, my mission is to connect you to the universe and empower you to make informed decisions with the support of spirit/something more.

I've always been a bit of a non-conformist, and that's what sets me apart. I never quite fit into the spiritual community – you won't catch me talking about love and light or meditating in the lotus position. Instead, I approach my work with a fusion of psychic insight and logical thinking. I'm a walking oxymoron, and that's what makes me great at what I do.

While I'm deeply connected to the spiritual world, you won't find any "super-woo" here. I keep things light, simple, and real. No sparkly tablecloths or dangly bits – just practical guidance delivered in a relatable way.

With my unique blend of intuition and practical logical action steps from my business and coaching background, I can connect with energy in ways that others may not have discovered yet and bring it together in ways that are motivating and empowering for the next steps.

I understand the challenges faced by midlife women and female entrepreneurs like you. Together, we'll explore the messages from spirit through tarot and unlock the potential for personal and professional growth.

Whether you're seeking clarity in your business decisions or guidance through the transitions of midlife, I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Tarot readings can be highly beneficial for anyone seeking guidance, clarity, and self-discovery.

Whether you're a midlife woman embracing new beginnings or a female entrepreneur navigating the complexities of business, tarot can offer valuable insights and perspectives.

Tarot is a powerful tool that transcends age, gender, and profession, providing a roadmap for personal growth, decision-making, and unlocking your true potential.

Whatever life stage or situation you find yourself in, tarot readings can provide the support and guidance you need to make informed choices and find your path forward with confidence.

*I do read for both male and females of all ages on any topic - my typical audience is women in their 30-50's so the over all language is geared towards them but if you are drawn to me for a reading you are welcome

I'm sure you can agree that it is hard to ignore the

SELF-DOUBT around your path & direction at times


A Tarot reading is the perfect way to connect to your spirit guides for understanding on situations, next steps and for overall guidance

Life throws curve balls with life's transitions, Tarot can bring understanding and confidence by knowing you're connected to something bigger in this journey.

Tap into hidden strengths and talents, acknowledge your blocks and doubts as you're given insight into what spirit suggest for your growth and development.



If you're a female business owner you can find great value in tarot readings to gain insights and clarity for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tarot can help in making important business decisions, setting strategic goals, and determining the next steps to take. Gain valuable clarity on various aspects of your business, such as launch methods, potential partners/collaborators, prospective employees, and even competitors.

It can help you identify and leverage your business strengths, address blocks holding you back, and give the confidence to seize opportunities. By unlocking your creative mindset, tarot can also spark new ideas and invite innovative thinking.

Use Tarot Readings to confirm the aligned action steps, from source to result, for your manifestation process.

I still use Tarot every day for my business decisions because Tarot is the tool I trust above all others to give me the message I need to hear

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