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Hollywood Has A Lot To Answer For🍿

March 06, 20234 min read

This article is going to come in two parts. 

Part one is today, right here. 

Part Two tomorrow. 

I want to talk to you about how the universe leaves an energetic imprint. And that is part of your personal blueprint for your business journey. 

Those of you who have been through my Soul Focus/Intuitively Led programmes will know that I talk about astrology, your birth chart especially, as your energetic imprint. Along with numerology and many other factors...this imprint holds information about who you are, what you need to learn and what you'll grow through in this lifetime.

This information is not the only part of your energy imprint. 

Energy imprints can be seen as finger prints in time throughout your life from birth, and if you subscribe to past life theory it goes back through many lifetimes.

This can be seen for example in heart-led service-based providers, the healers and coaches, who typically grow through something in life to then have this knowledge to share with others.

This energy imprint enables them to be poised and ready to help others. They were led by an energetic force in their lives to the point of starting up their businesses. 

But did you know that the universe has been talking to you and imprinting information on you like breadcrumbs since you were a child?

I want to take you back. Let's go back to circa 1990....⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Don't I look cute? I'm about four here, maybe five?

Can you tell that the universe was talking to me at this age right here, with subtle energy...the imprint that remained and led me here talking about magic..or energetics today? 

Can you tell by looking at me that I would be a psychic intuitive, that I would be a medium, that I would be helping others connect to the magic and energy of the universe?

No, right? Yet, I was doing things at this young age that showed that I had a connection to the universe. 

Like any small, round-headed little girl with a boy haircut (my mum can't do hair so it was short a longggg time!) I loved watching Disney movies. Back then we're talking VCR days. 

Who remembers those? 

Hands up don't be shy. Show your age with me, please!

As a young child, I would wake up well before my parents and come downstairs. I would reach for the video that had the label to the front, Mary Poppins. Now I'm not talking about the official Disney logo sticker, that hologram that was so enticing as a child. I'm talking handwritten, recorded from the TV on a spare tape, VCR sticker. 

And I would pop in that video and start watching Mary Poppins. 

I would watch this, and then rewind it and watch it again until my parents came down, sometimes watching it three or four times. I would also watch it every single day because I'M COOL! 

What can this tell us?

Well...I'm slightly obsessive for one. 

Secondly that the story of Mary Poppin's drew me in like a moth to a flame. Mary Poppin's is fantastical, it's a magic nanny who brings things to life that shouldn't be real. So it shows you that I'm fascinated with magic, drawn to what is outside the realms of our perception of reality, something outside of the box, since I was very young.

It was this last Christmas when Mary Poppin's Returns came on the TV and again I was GLUED to the screen. And it flashed before me that this was part of my imprint that led me to this point today... 

That this imprint is part of my personal power as a grown-up some 30 + years later. 

The importance of understanding your personal blueprint really helps you in your business. This information is something that is coming up time and time again as I've been building out my brand new mentoring offer b.Y.O.U - Aligned as I explore the imprints effects on our Personal Power in our communication around our offers as business women. 

Now Mary Poppins is not the only story that has stuck with me since I was young. Join me tomorrow to find out what tomorrow's Hollywood movie is. 

The imprint gave WAY too many clues that I'd not only be intuitive but an intuitive business development mentor 

Until next time...

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