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Empowering Your Business: A Guide to Working with Archangel Michael

May 01, 20247 min read

Empowering Your Business: A Guide to Working with Archangel Michael in Business for Female Business Owners

As a female entrepreneur, you're not just managing a business; you're nurturing a vision and leading a journey that's uniquely yours. But in the realm of spreadsheets and strategy meetings, have you considered the power of spiritual allies? Archangel Michael, revered across many traditions for his strength and protection, can be an incredible asset to your business growth.

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangels are powerful celestial beings in various spiritual traditions, known for their higher level of consciousness and ability to assist humans in their earthly journey. They are often called upon for their protective qualities, guidance, and support in times of need.

Archangel Michael may be the most well known or popular, and seen as a protector and a guide—a celestial being who stands for courage, clarity, and integrity. In business, these qualities translate into precise decision-making, ethical practices, and steadfastness amidst challenges.

He is celebrated across cultures and religions as a warrior angel, wielding a sword of light that cuts through fear and darkness, and providing a shield against negativity. Michael’s presence is synonymous with divine intervention, guiding individuals to find their inner strength, stand in their truth, and navigate the complexities of life with confidence and integrity (we all know as business owners we need a bit of that!)

The Importance of Spiritual Guidance in Business

The entrepreneurial path is often one of uncertainty. Tapping into the spiritual realm can provide a sense of security and direction, particularly for those attuned to the energies beyond the tangible world of business.

Using Archangels and your spirit team (made up of angels, guides and past loved ones) can be a useful addition to your business. They can bring you guidance, support and signs to help you make the right choice and move forward, as you may already know being in business for yourself isn't for the faint at heart so this support is welcomed by many.

Connecting with Archangel Michael

My philosophy is to keep things super simple in spiritual practice so you can simply call on him in your mind to support you through a tough decision or busy day.

If you want to tap in further with Archangel Michael, consider setting aside time each day for quiet reflection or meditation. Envision yourself surrounded by a calming, protective blue light—this is Michael's signature energy, as you call him in to work with your energy or ask him questions.

Rituals and Practices

  • Weekly Reflection: Dedicate one day a week to sit quietly and ask Archangel Michael for guidance on specific areas of your business. Sunday is a great day as this is known as Michael's day. Set aside time to call him in and work with his energy. You can ask him to clear away any unwanted attachments and cords that are preventing your business success and allow him to work with his sword to release those attachments.

  • Use of Crystals: Blue stones like lapis lazuli or sodalite can help facilitate communication with Michael. You can set one on an alter to ask him to work with you or use one as part of a meditation, holding in your hand or to your throat/third eye area to call him in for clear communication and vision on the decisions you have to make in your business.

Business Practices Guided by Archangel Michael

Here are practical ways to invite Archangel Michael's energy into your business:

  • Decision-Making: Before making significant decisions, ask for Archangel Michael's insight to clear any doubts or fears. When you feel his support and energy with you, journal or speak through your choices and see how the energy shifts for your path.

  • Conflict Resolution: Invoke Michael’s fairness to ensure all parties feel valued and heard. When you know you have a difficult conversation or conflict perhaps with staff or customers you can call him to speak through you clearly and directly for the best outcome.

  • Maintaining Integrity: In moments of moral ambiguity, seek Michael’s courage to uphold your values. It's easy to get swayed in business with the energies out in the ether calling you to different paths and the right programs or ways of selling. When you feel easily swayed you can call on Michael's strength, ask him to walk beside you as you stay true to what is your path and he will guide you.

  • Releasing Old Niche's: If you are shifting and pivoting in your business you can call on Michael to help detach you from old patterns, behaviors and beliefs that have you stuck and held to the old version of yourself (where it was comfortable!)

  • Uncovering Blocks: Michael is great at detaching you from the cords of your blocks. As a reader who's read for 1000's of women I've seen over 97% of women have communication blocks (from both this life and past) that are holding them back in business. Michael can use his magic to work to clear the past attachments holding you back and blocking your success.

Stories of Success

Personally I have worked with Archangel Michael for many years as a protection guide and to release anything from my aura that doesn't serve as my highest good.

When I am called to speak in large groups I will ask him to walk beside me and support me, giving me a huge sense of energetic protection as I speak to hundreds in a room he will stand beside me like a huge wall holding me up.

The most famous stories of success for Michael come from him protecting women walking alone at night, where people will see Archangel Michael walking beside them and not approach her. I've always called on Michael in this way too and know he shows up for our protection as women very frequently, so of course he is willing to show up for women in business who need more support in a typically hectic masculine space.

Tips for Working with Archangel Michael

  • Be Open: Approach this new relationship with no expectations and an open heart.

  • Look for Signs: Pay attention to feelings, thoughts, or signs that may indicate Michael’s guiding influence.

  • Protect Your Energy: Ask Archangel Michael to shield you from negativity or competing interests that may drain your focus. Also ask him to remove attachments and cords that are not serving your energy.


Bringing Archangel Michael into your business isn't just about making smart decisions; it's like having a superhero friend who helps you be brave, clear, and safe. This isn't just about learning how to do things better in business; it's about having a special guide who understands the magic and mystery of making things work.

Imagine having a guardian angel who's always there to make sure you're on the right path, helping you and your business grow strong and true. By teaming up with Archangel Michael, you're not just running a business; you're going on an amazing adventure, guaranteed to be filled with success and the kind of stories you'd love to tell. With Archangel Michael by your side, you're set for an incredible journey, ready to achieve things beyond your dreams, all while feeling protected and guided every step of the way.

Ready to Connect with Archangel Michael?

If you're seeking to deepen your journey with Archangel Michael in your business, consider a psychic reading to hear from your spirit team on your business journey. Not only can you receive guidance from your business spiritual team and guides, alongside business coaching in these powerful calls you can also ask how to integrate Archangel Michael into your business in a way that works for your personal energy and practices. Book a Reading HERE. As a psychic business coach, I am dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs like you align with your highest path and potential through clear messages and actionable steps.

Start walking hand-in-hand with divine guidance. Your business, and your spirit, deserve it.

Contact me at hello@juliechandler.co.uk for more information, or follow my blog for continued insights into the fascinating intersection of business and spirituality.

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